Monday, August 15, 2011

10 Tahun Mencintai Lagu Ini ----> Loudness - In My Dreams

10 tahun lepas. Aku disogokkan dengan sebuah lagu. Individu yang memainkan peranan itu bernama pupui barangkali. Ketika itu aku di tingkatan 6. Ahh hidup lagikah budak itu.

Kali pertama aku dengar mudah aku terpesona dengan arrangement musik dia. Guitar work toksah cerita la kan. Akira Takasaki tu! Niamahai! Menikam-nikam yung!

Mari aku kongsikan lirik lagu ini. Agak puitis bagi aku. Ya! Lirik begini suda terlalu puitis bagi aku. Yela, MUET band 2 jah!

Loudness - In My Dreams

In my dreams, I was walking alone
The rain falling on my emptiness
In my dreams, I'm a long way from home
I walk through the gates of loneliness
I thought the love We had was in vain
And Just another story
My frozen tears, like the wind against the rain
Slipping from my eyes
In my dreams, in my dreams, without you

In my dreams, shadows fall on my face
And every corner is a different place
In my vision, I would knock on your door
I'd lost all that I was searching for
I thought the sun had come to an end
And you were gone forever
A change of heart, like the echoes in the dark
I fade in to the sea

In my dreams, I was turning to stone
Until you opened up my

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